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Congratulations to all of our Open competitors.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every athlete who participated in the 2014 CrossFit Open.


Alex Corredor

Eric Dizon

Jaime Morin

Jason Fortino

Javish Rosa

Jenell Andia

John D’Ambrosio

John Maxwell

Kristal Alejo

Matthew Ege

Meagan Kuzirian

Natalie Santillo

Saudia Mallard

Thomas Wright


We had more than half of our team as first time competitors.  We had several athletes who were able to do previously impossible (or at least extremely difficult to do on a regular basis) movements: doing chest to bar pullups, double unders and toes to bar.


While blazing fast times and scores are impressive and awe inspiring, I think I am more proud of the athletes who struggled, who just could not get a rep, no matter how hard they tried.  But they did not give up.  Over and over, they would spin that rope, hurl their legs up, going again and again to try to get a double under or toes to bar.  Everyone could see how badly they wanted it.  And everyone cheered and rooted them on, just as loudly and sometimes even more than they did for the athletes who were able to complete those movements.


I am proud of the wonderful community we have created. I think of all the fans who showed up, the cheering, the support, the pictures, the back up timers, the food, the beer…together we have established quite a family here and if you are reading this, I am lucky to call you my friend.


Thank you all for being a part of my dream,


Aileen Ryan


PS NEXT YEAR WE ARE GETTING 30 PEOPLE ON THE TEAM, GOT IT? (see, I gotta yell or you will all think I’m a softie)